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My warmest greetings to the officials and members of the Philippine Society of Nephrology, Inc as it holds its 37th Annual National Convention with the theme “Translational Nephrology: Research Outcomes to Clinical Application.”

Kidney disease is one of the conditions with the highest burden in our country. Cases of kidney failure or end-stage renal disease are increasing at a disconcerting rate and those affected by this disease are debilitated to the extent that they lose a sense of well-being necessary to become fully functional. Moreover, despite the efforts of PhilHealth and other government financing agencies to support patients, the effects of the high cost of care brought about by this disease is still endured by patients.

Nevertheless, we do not hang our gloves since majority of the cases are highly preventable. With proper counseling about diet and lifestyle modification, regular check-up, early diagnosis and management of renal diseases, many lives may be spared from the complications of renal failure and its impoverishing consequences.

Thus, I extend my sincere appreciation to our nephrologists for helping fight kidney disease, but I also challenge everyone to persevere in further advancing skills in diagnosing, managing and more importantly, preventing this disease. Through our joint efforts and strategy called ACHIEVE, we will attain better health outcomes and true financial risk protection for all Filipinos.

A – Advance primary care and quality
C – Cover all Filipinos against financial health risk
H – Harness power of strategic health human resource
I – Invest in digital health and data for for decision-making
E – Enforce standards, accountability and transparency
V – Value patients and respect clients
E – Elicit multi-sector, multi-stakeholder support for health

Let us continue to work together for our shared vision of “ALL for Health towards Health for ALL.”

Congratulations and Mabuhay!


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