Asian Forum on CKD Initiatives: What is it?

The Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) sponsored the Asian Forum of CKD Initiative (AFCKDI) 2007 with the support of the International Society ofNephrology-Commission for Global Advancement in Nephrology (ISN-COMGAN), Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN), the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcome (KDIGO) and other national societies of nephrology in the Asian Pacific region on 27-28 May 2007 in Hamamatsu City, Japan.


An international organizing committee was established by leading experts of the CKD initiative. The main objective of this forum was to clarify the current status and perspectives of CKD and to promote coordination, collaboration and integration of initiatives in the Asian Pacific region…


                 The organization aims to:

Provide opportunities annually or biannually to every person who promotes CKD initiatives in the Asian Pacific region to join together and build consensus for action;