37th Annual Convention Overview

Our 37th Annual Convention is barely a month and we are all looking forward to gathering together again in the biggest and most anticipated event of the society. 

Please take note of the following reminders before you head out to EDSA Shangri-La on the 29th of March.


Asian Forum of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiatives

  1. This year the PSN proudly hosts the 11th annual meeting of the AFCKDI, with speakers from all over Asia coming to speak on topics regarding the prevention and management of chronic kidney disease.  This is open to ALL.   For those attending, please be there by 8:00to claim your IDs and CONVENTION kits.  Opening Ceremonies start at 10:00am.  The invited speakers for this forum include Dr. Masahide Kondo (Japan), Dr. Vivek Jha (Indonesia), Dr. Susan Jorge (Phils), Dr. Chuanming Hao (China), Dr. Sunita Bavanandan (Malaysia), Dr. Ha Phan Hai An (Vietnam), Dr. Carmelo Alfiler (Phils), Dr. Yi Wen Chiu (Taiwan), and Dr. Kearkiat Praditpornsilpa (Thailand).
  2. The lunch symposium will be sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.
  3. There will also be a CULTURAL NIGHT for our friends attending the AFCKDI meeting.  Everyone is welcome to join this short program with a light dinner

Convention Proper

  1. SPEAKERS.  Our invited foreign guests include Dr. David Harris, Dr. Ikuto Masakane, Dr. Daniel TM Chan, Dr. Adrian Liew, Dr. Orson Moe and Dr. Edgar Lerma.  We have also invited our colleagues from other professions to speak, including Dr. Antonio Dans, Dr. Ma. Luz Querubin, Dr. Antonette Palma-Angeles and Dr. Eva Cutiongco-dela Paz.
  2. LUNCH AND DINNER SYMPOSIA.   Our friends from the pharmaceutical industry are offering lunch and dinner symposia.  There will be three (3) lunch symposia on March 30sponsored by Fresenius Medical Care, Sanofi and Globo Asiatico-Roche, three (3) lunch symposia on March 31 sponsored by Otsuka, LRI-Therapharma and DeGa International, and three (3) lunch symposia on April 1 sponsored by Corbridge Philippines, New Marketlink and Nestle Philippines.  The dinner symposium on March 30 is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. 
  3. Don’t miss the exciting and sure to be lively sessions, particularly: 
    1. TOWNHAL DEBATE: PD FIRST vs HD FIRST – Benefits, Risks and Access Issues, with Dr. Romina Danguilan defending PD First, and Dr.                                                Raymond Alonso taking up the cause of HD First, and Dr. Ofelia Javellana moderating.
    2. MENTORS HOUR : See our beloved professors of nephrology tackling some common issues that nephrologists face on a daily basis.
    3. PSN QUIZ CONTEST : Who among our training institutions will win this year?  

Asian Forum on CKD Initiatives: What is it?

The Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) sponsored the Asian Forum of CKD Initiative (AFCKDI) 2007 with the support of the International Society ofNephrology-Commission for Global Advancement in Nephrology (ISN-COMGAN), Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN), the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcome (KDIGO) and other national societies of nephrology in the Asian Pacific region on 27-28 May 2007 in Hamamatsu City, Japan.


An international organizing committee was established by leading experts of the CKD initiative. The main objective of this forum was to clarify the current status and perspectives of CKD and to promote coordination, collaboration and integration of initiatives in the Asian Pacific region…


                 The organization aims to:

Provide opportunities annually or biannually to every person who promotes CKD initiatives in the Asian Pacific region to join together and build consensus for action;